It’s right time we start educating people concerning property acquisition as there are now fake property agencies out there defrauding individuals of their hard earned money especially in Lagos. Before you wrongly put your life savings on a property.


When you find the land that meets your specifications, the next step is to conduct a search at the relevant land registry. It doesn’t matter who the seller is? Whether your Pastor, Imam or any of your relatives.

The search is essential to determine if Seller is the rightful owner of the land, if the title presented is genuine and the property is not under dispute and it is not the subject of any government acquisition.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions where property has been sold to an unwitting buyer while the title of the property is still in dispute particularly where the land is family land. So kindly take caution.


When you are satisfied that the title of the vendor (Seller) is good, you may now execute the Deed of Assignment, Which your lawyer must have prepared. Execution occurs when both parties (buyer and seller) complete and sign the Deed of Assignment and payment is made for the land.